I <3 Doritos, and ADVENTURE

I love Doritos. I stick with the classic nacho cheese flavor, but I dig the cool ranch and even odd ball varieties like BBQ. I dip them in French Onion or Ranch dip. Hell, I eat them with cottage cheese (thus defeating the health purpose of the curdy product).

Well I’ll be damned, it might be Doritos Crash Course for the Xbox 360. This downloadable title from Xbox Live Arcade drops your avatar into a bevy of Ninja Warrior-styled obstacle courses that you dash, jump, and slide through. You bounce off trampolines, fight conveyor belts, and hover over fans to try and get a first place time. There are 5 progressively harder levels in each of 3 locations (USA, Europe, and Japan). Leaderboards put you up against the rest of the world, and it features a nice array of multiplayer options, as well as 200 nice gamer points.

Best part? FREE. Even Doritos cost 2 or 3 bucks (or 160-240 Microsoft points). The game controls are simple and responsive, with tight jumps and slides that you’ll need to not suck at winning. Watching your avatar get stomped into the waters below when you fail can be quite hilarious (although you may reach the boiling point of controller-throwing after it happens 13 times in a row). If you really start sucking you can quickly jump to the start of the race to try to best your time again.

All together, this is a great title that you have no reason to avoid. Its zero dollar price, coupled with 200 gamerpoints and an actual fun experience mean you should download this now. You never know what Microsoft will do with a free title…

So while my avatar busts his ass, I’ll be enjoying a fresh bag of Doritos. USA! USA! USA!