Battlefield 1943, 2, 1…

I think it’s been discussed many times about how little time you have to make the sale when it comes to new game releases.  This week’s unfortunate case is the release of Battlefield 1943 on Xbox live.

1943You know what sucks?  I really want to jump in (Microsoft marketing hello) and try this.  Check out the screenshots, read the description, realize that it’s Battlefield multiplayer for only 15 bux lol.  It sounds like a winning formula because it has won before on the PC.

So the obvious thing I do is download the demo (along with the Ghostbusters demo that came out this week) and boot it up.  My girlfriend of course asks “What the hell is this supposed to be?” because she has a built-in hatred for any game featuring any battles that start with “WW”.  She only likes space marines or ninjas, so I blame the Japanese for not sending out ninjas to take out American troops at Iwo Jima or whatever… I’m afraid I don’t know shit about WW2 either.

Anyway, I reassure her that this game will indeed rock and she will soon be ripping the controller out of my hand like a Tennessean at a country ham festival.  Click “Quick Start”.  See the “EA network loading blah blah” screen.

Connection failed.

Try again.  Fail again.

This goes on for a few minutes.  Meanwhile my girlfriend looks at me like I just failed in bed instead of on the Xbox (more like Sexbox am I rite?)  Game over man.  Back to the dashboard!

So will I go back to the demo?  Eh, maybe.  But I was successfully able to play the Ghostbusters demo, which my girlfriend enjoyed watching because it had meters to find ghosts and, of course, the theme song.  By the way, I think Ghostbusters was made to be watched by 80’s fanboys/fangirls while you play.  Hearing Harold Ramis’ distinct voice on anything always takes me back…

But back to Battlefield.  I’m sure the game will do fine once it finds it’s wings (and stable servers).  But I probably won’t make it back until I read it’s what everybody’s playing.  This is the problem with the new car smell of video games.  A lot like movies, there’s the weekly new release that has to knock it out of the park or potentially be doomed to fail.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I jump all over the discounted games a few months later.  But I wonder if I’m in the minority.

Street Fighter 4 sold an asston out of the gate but seemed to fall off the map the next month.  I know it did great, but what about the game that debuts nowhere in the top 20?  I hate to see the great game with shitty sales not make it…

I guess I’m all over the place with this.  Bottom line, EA, fix the fucking game.  There, should’ve just said that all along.

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