I gave up and bought DJ Hero

I made fun of this game for weeks, even damning it to hell after its release. But then I was in Best Buy and tried it. By the way, I was standing in the middle of the store by myself scratching away on tutorials. Several roll-eyed employees gave the always helpful “evil Best Buy glare” to the guy playing video games alone in the middle of the day in public (thanks assholes!)

But back to the point, this game is fun. Shit, I wanted to hate it for all the right reasons. Activision made it. It follows 82 iterations of Guitar Hero this year. It’s $119 or $200(!) for the “special” (read: retard) edition.

But Wal-mart had a special to get a $40 gift card with the purchase this week, so I caved in. Now I look forward to pleasurable nights of not learning how to really DJ and having a blast. Then again, Left 4 Dead hasn’t helped my relations with zombies or survivors, and We Cheer hasn’t helped me to hook up with any vapid cheerleaders.

So as Bart said, “You’re right Millhouse. Fun IS fun.”

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