Angry Birds on PS3? Why?

So, Angry Birds is going to be released this week on PS3 and on PSP.

If you didn’t know, Angry Birds is the addictive time-waster game that has taken over the iPhone and Android charts, as well as pop culture and humanity itself. In it, you control and launch birds, whom are angry, at an army of pigs that have co-opted your world and severely pissed you off in the process. The combination of easy accessability, humor, and puzzlely wonders have made it a ginormous hit. It’s hardcore enough for a hardcore player (but gentle enough for a woman, lol).

But really, the news of it’s arrival on Sony products leaves me conflicted. For PSP, it seems like an ideal fit on the surface. This game is meant to be portable and played in short spurts when you want to fill in a dull gap in time. However, missing touch controls are going to make this game difficult to control, right? On the smartphones, Angry Birds’ success is due in large part because of how easy it is to touch the screen and watch shit blow up. A control pad or nub doesn’t sound accurate, although pressing a launch button is an added bonus.

On PS3, the awkwardness is doubled by the fact that you are playing on a console now. You aren’t in line or on a bus killing a few minutes with a nice diversion. You are sitting on your couch (or gaming chair) and launching a title for your PS3. Granted, “it only does everything”, so smartphone games should be included. But I can’t see myself enjoying this for anymore than a few minutes at a time. I can’t even see myself going into several menus to start this up.

It’s the same problem I had with Peggle for the Xbox 360. Some might argue it’s a deeper game, but it’s not. You have different power-ups. You are trying to complete the same goal in each round, whether it’s “beat all pigs” or “beat all pegs”. I played the demo of Peggle on the 360, and that was more than enough for me.

If there were an option to launch this in the middle of another title or when you pause a movie, that might be cool… but there’s already other things PS3 needs to patch up first (cross-game chat, network issues).

Regardless of what I say, this title should blow up the charts as America’s love affair with balls o’ birds hasn’t dried up yet. I’m sure software developers still love money, and it also seems like this developer (Rovio) loves its fans too. They recently let this title go free on Android for a short period of time. That’s quite a gesture for a game that prints money without even trying.

Good luck passive-aggressive avians.

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