PS3 does Everything… PS3’s are dead.

…looks like the Playstation Network is down on most non-Slim (read: older model) Playstation 3’s. Except unlike the Xbox Live outages that took out the ability to play or use online download services, this outage is killing the ability to play games. Heavy Rain, the exclusive “must-have” for the first quarter of 2010 is the most high profile zombified game. There’s conflicting info everywhere, but the bottom line is trophy supported games are down and out, and consoles are reverting back to 1999 (where they apparently Quantum Leaped to either hang out with Prince and party or they are stockpiling Pop Tarts for Y2K). Even PS3’s not connected to the internet AND debug units used by developers are going down.

If this gets cleared up within the next day then Sony won’t pick up the “hardware fail flag” that Microsoft has been waving the past couple of years. But I wonder if a fix can be rolled out that will fix all the non-internetz units… The official number is questionable, but how many PS3’s are never connected to the internet? How many are non-broadband? How do they get fixed? Will Sony be shipping out disks to all PS3 owners that call a handy 1-800 number?

These are users that often fall through the cracks. Grandparents that buy a PS3 and keep it over their house for when the kids visit (yes, this happens a lot). Houses with a PS3 in the bedroom and no wireless (i.e. no connection). This could get ugly.

In the meantime, Sony wants people to follow their official Twitter (link) for updates.

Also, awkward irony:

Sony's Twitter dares you to dream

Sony's Twitter dares you to dream

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