New Anime on Netflix!

Awesome surprise showing up on Netflix a couple days ago… Looks like they have added a ton of new anime, much of it actually worth watching! Let’s take a look:

Full Metal Alchemist (the original)
Darker Than Black Vol 1
Soul Eater
Queen’s Blade
D-Gray Man
Black Blood Brothers
Ouran High School Host Club
etc. etc.

Netflix anime

New anime choices on Netflix!

I’ve already watched a couple of these, but the appeal of HD quality plus the added advantage of no Hulu-style advertising make me wanna go back and view them again. For example, after finishing FMA: Brotherhood I’d like to go back and compare how the original aged. Now I just need the time to watch them again…

A month or two ago Netflix had added Gurren Lagaan, which looked like a good sign that more quality anime was on the way. Sure enough they hooked us up. I guess they realized that all the PS3’s, Wii’s, and Xbox’s out there have tons of younger viewers with a typically more open mind.

Only downside–almost all of these series are dubbed only, meaning people that prefer the original Japanese voices will be out of luck. I typically am one of those people, but I think I can deal with it. With how easy it is to flip on the Xbox and start streaming the episode of my choice, the exchange is worth it.

Thanks Netflix! This brings me one step closer to saying to hell with cable TV…

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 – I want to go there.

I’m still a Naruto fan, despite the filler episodes and the 5 hour fights with 3 hours of back story. Then again I used to watch Dragon Ball Z on Toonami back in the day so I guess I’m just a patient man. Along with Naruto, the series, comes several Naruto games. They have ALMOST been beat to death, but somehow they have managed to stay fresh or at least relevant to the show.

I played all the way through the 2 Namco Bandai titles for Xbox 360 (Naruto: Rise of a Ninja and Naruto: The Broken Bond) and found them to be fun. They followed the series while adding a ton of side quests. The thing I liked the most is that they did more than just fighting. There was a good amount of searching for coins, trying to race other characters, and trying to complete side missions. The fighting itself was good, not amazing, and honestly I get tired of “fighting only” games.

With Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Xbox 360 also gets the sequel to the original UNS that was a PS3 exclusive. The original was hailed for its amazing graphics that rivaled the drawing and animation of the show. However, it was bogged down with an overly simple fighting layout and a lack of characters (compared to titles on the Wii and Xbox). The details and announcements surrounding UNS2 make it seem that this one is gonna be a winner. Early reviews (e.g. IGN) are looking good, and it sounds like the story mode is more fleshed out. The number of characters have been boosted up to 40+, including one from Tekken exclusively designed for this title. They added online play if you care. Most of all, it still looks gorgeous like the last Ninja Storm.

So, this one comes out Tuesday, October 19th. I’ll be picking it up and hopefully will not be disappointed. Final note: if you want to try before you buy there’s a demo on Xbox Live and PSN right now. It gives you a battle against Kakashi (you play the team of Naruto and Sakura).

MTAC 2010 First Photos!

Hey kids, long time, no update! To try to bring back an audience, here’s some exclusive Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 2010 photos! These are some for Friday!